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Monday, 19 February 2018

Tony Greenstein - Expelled for Opposing Zionism and the Israeli State – The Fight Goes On

Racists Celebrate as the Labour Right and the Zionists Gets Their First Victim

The day began brightly enough with a lively picket of the Metropole Hotel in Brighton as Labour’s National Constitutional Committee met to decide whether to expel me for my support of the Palestinians and opposition to Zionism.  It is of course appropriate that as someone who is Jewish that I should be one of the major casualties of the false anti-Semitism witchhunt.  The allegations of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party have nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with opposition to the racist creed of Zionism and support for the Palestinians.

My thanks to Debbie Hobson from Grassroots Black Left for being my silent witness.  Thanks also to Marc Wadsworth, another of those victimised and suspended by the Labour Party for opposing racism and to all those in Brighton and Hove Momentum and comrades for turning out.  Even Simon Cobbs of Sussex Friends of Israel, in a unique and comradely gesture, turned out to give his support, however fleetingly, to me.  
I was suspended nearly 2 years ago for comments I was alleged to make.  The Skeleton argument argument of the NEC’s barrister, one Mr Ogg, admitted that all the charges related to events that took place after I had been suspended.  In other words I was originally suspended without just cause yet despite this the NCC saw no problem in continuing.  Why?  Because as part of its Guidelines, Appendix 6D to the Rules of the Labour Party (which are actually not part of the rules!) stipulates that the NCC must ignore everything that happens prior to the issuing of charges.  This is the ‘turning a blind eye’ clause.  It states that:
The NCC is entitled to (and will) act on the basis that the charges are properly brought before them and cannot become embroiled in dealing with complaints about the administration of any investigation leading to the charges. Any such complaint will therefore not be entertained by the NCC or panel thereof unless it is material or relevant to the consideration of the evidence to be used by the presenter in support of the charges.

This enables the NCC to ignore any injustice, breach of the rules, leaking to the press etc. that occurs.  Of course the NCC is also bound to act fairly under Chapter 1, Clause IX (4) of the Rules, which are part of the Labour Party constitution and also to modify the Guidelines as it sees fit but the NCC chooses to interpret its remit narrowly and against the interests of natural justice.  That was why I was forced to obtain an injunction against the Labour Party on December 7th preventing them from holding a rushed hearing.

The charges which were brought, as the barrister for the Labour Party was at pains to point out, were not that I was anti-Semitic although of course the Zionists will pretend otherwise. My ‘crime’ in essence was the abuse of racists and Zionists (or Zios) in the Labour Party including that detestable supporter of Palestinian child abuse, Louise Ellman.
Ivor Caplin - war criminal and former Junior Defence Minister
A Mr Ogg, the Labour Party barrister gave a long 2 hour + speech which was the equivalent of watching paint dry.  My own speech was much shorter and to the point.  I made it clear that I regretted nothing.  I was accused of insinuating, when accusing the execrable MP for Liverpool Riverside, Louise Ellman of supporting the abuse of Palestinian children, that she therefore supported sexual abuse of those children.  Although this wasn’t directly true I made it clear in my submission that the abuse of Palestinian children was often sexual in nature and that Ellman had never spoken out against this treatment.  On the contrary she supported everything Israel did in the name of ‘security’.
The NCC under Maggie Cosins who chaired the hearing has repeatedly ignored the question of fairness, in my case trying to rush a hearing after a 20 month suspension.  The other 2 wing members of the NCC included a Gordon (?) Fairbrother of the Community Union.  As I pointed out this right-wing union was the only one to affiliate to Trades Union Friends of Israel.  So the verdict was no surprise.  Unfortunately Emina Ibrahim, who was elected as part of the Left, also supported the Right on the NCC and seems incapable of standing up to the Right by herself.
As I told the Committee when beginning my response, an old time friend, Graham Bash rang me this morning and said that he reckoned I had a 1% of chance of not being expelled to which I responded that the odds probably weren’t that high!  Ogg argued that I was not being expelled for my views but for abusing racists and right-wingers online.  However the bundle of papers prepared for the hearing demonstrated that this was a lie.  Statements such as ‘Israel is a settler colonial state’ were highlighted in an article dealing with the eviction of a Bedouin village Umm al-Hiran in Israel’s Negev.  Although dressed up in procedural terms, my expulsion was for my anti-Zionist politics. 

That is why the Southern organiser for the Jewish Labour Movement, junior war criminal and former Defence Minister Ivor Caplin welcomed my expulsion.  My expulsion and the proposed expulsion of Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker are nothing less than an attempt by the Right and the Zionists in the Party to purge the party of socialists and anti-imperialists.  The fight will go on for my reinstatement and the acquittal of both Mark and Jackie.  It is not we but the Jewish Labour Movement, the apologists for the deportation of African refugees from Israel for the ‘crime of being Black and not Jewish, who deserve to be expelled.

It is ironic that at the same time as I am expelled for anti-Zionism and anti-racism, Labour’s Crooked General Secretary McNicol has declared that the charges against the JLM’s former Chair Jeremy Newmark of having defrauded a Jewish charity of thousands of pounds are a ‘private’ matter. 
The right-wing Huff Post, the Jewish Chronicle, Jewish News and no doubt others will be celebrating as Labour’s witch-hunt continues even whilst they keep quiet about the Jeremy Newmark scandal.  The Daily Mirror has managed to outdo even Marcus Dysch of the Jewish Chronicle in the number of mistakes it has made. 

Tony Greenstein 

Saturday, 17 February 2018

EXPULSION LATEST – McNicol’s Monkeys Change Course as they Attempt to Smuggle in New Documents

Why Dishonesty and Deceit are Hardwired into Labour’s Disciplinary Procedures

'MrGreenstein's lurid allegations about the torture and beating of children',

Late Friday afternoon, barely 36 hours away from my Expulsion Hearing I got an innocent request from Jane Shaw, Secretary to the National Constitutional Committee.  Labour’s National Executive Committee (in reality Crooked McNicol) wanted to introduce 4 new documents at the last minute. 
‘You will be familiar with all of the documents’ Jane told me – and indeed I am familiar with them.  
The fragrant Ella Rose in attack 
Also attached was what is called a Skeleton Argument, which lawyers usually provide before a court hearing in order to summarise their arguments.  This Skeleton however was somewhat fat, taking up no less than 22 pages.

Jane, mindful of the fact that I do not have legal representation at the hearing, reassured me that the skeleton argument ‘includes nothing new, but merely sets out the case that the NEC barrister intends to make, which you could find helpful.’  How you might ask could I resist such blandishments. In case I was sceptical, Jane reassured me that I would have a chance to object on Sunday to the introduction of more than 150 pages of new documents.
I am criticised for calling the Director of the Jewish Labour Movement 'pathetic'
What you might ask were these documents?  Well the first one was the Chakrabarti Report.  Jane must have known I’d find it difficult to resist this particular document.  After all it is a guide to how the Labour Party should conduct its disciplinary process on the basis of natural justice, fairness, due process and transparency.  Perhaps McNicol has turned over a new leaf and recognises that things must now change for the better?

The next document seemed a bit more suspect.  It was the Home Affairs Select Committee Report on Anti-Semitism in the UK, which introduced the fake IHRA definition of anti-Semitism that conflates anti-Zionist and anti-Semitism.

Even more strangely the next document was the Judgment in the case I brought under the Data Protection Act against the Labour Party to unredact various documents which the Labour Party had sent me.  This application failed but it had nothing to do with anti-Semitism.  So I was puzzled why McNicol wanted to introduce it.

The fourth document was a blog article of mine on how the Chakrabarti Report was a missed opportunity which balanced support for and criticism of specific aspects of the Report.  No harm surely in having yet one more of my own articles?
It is 'offensive' to accuse this woman of supporting Palestinian child abuse despite her steadfast defence of the Israeli military's treatment of Palestinian children
Yet still I suspected a rat by the name of Iain McNicol but since I was at a friends’ graduation ceremony at the Brighton Centre I wasn’t able to look at the skeleton argument at the time.  I said it was highly unusual to introduce documents at the last minute when I had been told it was not possible and I particular objected to Document No. 3.  I suggested instead that they obtain the transcript of the Injunction Hearing at the High Court as that had quite a lot to say about fairness in Labour Party disciplinary matters!

I therefore sent a short email on my mobile:

‘As DJ Brown stated in her introduction to her judgment (page 2): ‘This Court is not and cannot be concerned with the disciplinary processes of the Party and this Application will not be allowed by this Court to lead it into making any findings as to the substantive matter of the complaints against the Applicant and the handling of those complaints.’

I therefore wrote that ‘I cannot imagine what possible purpose could be served by the introduction of the latter’  I therefore opposed the introduction of this document.

I also suggested that if they wished to introduce these documents then they should adjourn the hearing and also include several articles of my own critical of the Home Affairs Select Committee Report.  In particular one by David Plank a former Government Special Advisor to the Social Services Select Committee which was damning of the Home Affairs Committee Report, stating that it was not worth the paper it was written on.

My correspondence with Jane Shaw can be viewed here.  The Skeleton Argument can be seen here.  It is a model of deception and tautology.  Time permits me only a few comments.

1.             After all the nonsense about ‘anti-Semitism’ it turns out that apart from the use of the term ‘Zio’ the NEC does not otherwise allege that Mr Greenstein’s conduct was anti-Semitic.’  Strange that, because what then was I suspended for?  All that stuff in The Telegraph and Times about comparisons between Israeli marriage laws and the Nuremburg Laws has vanished into thin space.  Comments about how Israel is waiting for its Holocaust survivors to die so that it has more money to spend on weaponry?  No mention either.  Throughout my 22 months suspension the goal posts have been continually changed.  The charges are now:
4.1. Offensive comments online, including the word "Zio";
4.2. Offensive posts and comments on Mr Greenstein's blog;
4.3. Email in which he mocked the phrase "final solution".
Lacking all procedure, McNicol wants to slip in a few more documents at the last minute
Most of these for example 4.3 where I sent a satirical post to McNicol are covered in my 2 previous submissions to the Labour Party.

 I responded robustly to abusive posts and I stand by them.  What is noticeable is that those on the Right who are abusive have a get out of jail free card, such as Deborah Lowe and Warren Morgan, Leader of Brighton and Hove Council – both nasty Blairites.

Chakrabarti Report & Zios

Contrary to what I expected the Chakrabarti Report (which has still not been discussed or approved of by Labour’s NEC) is not being introduced because of its recommendations of a fair process.  Good gracious no.  The only  reason is because it quotes Chakrabarti’s mistaken view that ‘Zio’ is a racist epithet.

The Labour Party’s barrister, one Thomas Ogg, takes exception to the use of ‘Zio’ as a term of abuse.  I freely confess that I use the term ‘Zio’ in a pejorative manner.  If I call someone a racist I don’t use it as a term of flattery.  Their idiot of a barrister argues that:

Mr Greenstein has even used the term in his response to the Opening Submissions of the NEC. Page 49 of the most recent set of submissions (internal page 12 of  J’Accuse ') states: "On my blog one day I got 2 posts - one from a Zio and another from a Neo-Nazi. I found the post from the Zio more disturbing than the holocaust denier. Strange that. Why do you think that was?"

Why does Ogg think I abused the Zio?  Perhaps because the vile twerp wished that my family and me should have ended our days in Auschwitz.  Of course Ogg doesn’t mention that. This is a good example of the dishonesty of the legal profession. Ogg goes on to argue that:

Even if Mr Greenstein honestly did not intend to be antisemitic, he knowingly used a term that is both perceived and publicly stated by the Labour Party in the Chakrabarti Report to be antisemitic, and deliberately used the word as a term of abuse. That is Mr Greenstein's offence, which is both prejudicial to the Labour Party and grossly detrimental to it.’

Yes I know it’s difficult to make head or tale of this farrago of nonsense.  It seems Ogg is incapable of making a clear and lucid argument in plain English.

If I didn’t intend something to be anti-Semitic then it is unlike to be anti-Semitic.  The fact that it is perceived by racists to be anti-Semitic is irrelevant.  If the Labour Party thinks it is then it’s wrong.  The Labour Party has a legacy of support for Israel and Zionism i.e. racism so its views on the matter are not the final word.

Apparently it is ‘prejudicial to the Labour Party and grossly detrimental to it’.  This catch-all McCarthyist nonsense means nothing.  How the hell can the term ‘Zio’ be detrimental to the Labour Party yet the theft of thousands of pounds by the former Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement from a Jewish charity not be detrimental?  These bastards literally make it up.

The idiot, because clear this Ogg is either stupid or dishonest or both, goes on to make the most offensive of comparisons.  He argues that

Mr Greenstein stands in the same position as someone who is aware that society considers terms such as "Paki" and "Nigger" to be racially offensive, but on the basis of a belief that the words 'in fact' mean something else, nevertheless deliberately use the words "Paki" and "Nigger" as terms of abuse whilst denying their racial connotations.’

I describe him as an idiot because ‘Paki’ ‘Nigger’ etc. are terms that are historically and politically located as terms of abuse.  They are widely indeed universally accepted as deeply offensive racist terms.  They are based on a person’s ethnicity.  Zio, short for Zionist is based on someone’s political allegiance.  Zio is not related to someone’s ethnicity.

John Mann

In a discussion about the merits of lazy or racist MPs I tweeted that "at least your MP doesn't do as much damage - better a lazy or corrupt MP than @JohnMannMP addicted 2 murder & racism".  Ogg then states ‘Mr Greenstein does not state who John Mann is addicted to murdering, or the kind of racism that is being referred to. It does not matter.’ 

Actually it does matter.  John Mann, the rent a mouth from Bassetlaw has made it his business to run the false anti-Semitism campaign.  He has abused for example a 90 year old Jewish Dr Glatt who called him out over his attacks on Jeremy Corbyn.  See Open Letter to John Mann MP from a 90 Year Old Jewish Dr Glatt and A Desperate John Mann MP Tries to Undermine 90 year old Jewish Doctor's Letter by Falsely Alleging It was a Forgery

Mann is a deceptive and dishonest MP who during the first Corbyn election campaign wrote him an open letter accusing him of being soft on child abuse.  If the Labour Party apparatchiks had any attachment to socialism then Mann would have been suspended if not expelled years ago.  But of course Crooked McNicol and his henchmen approved of Mann’s attacks on Corbyn.  Unfortunately Corbyn is incapable of realising that appeasement of these people will prove costly in the end.

Owen Jones – A Janus Faced Whore

Now I would have liked to take credit for the comment that Owen Jones is is a Janus faced whore who bears the impression of the last person who sat on him.’  However I can’t.  This classical witticism was thought up by someone else.  I merely repeated it.  However I agree with the sentiments but Ogg pompously declares that ‘It is not appropriate for Mr Greenstein to refer to Owen Jones, a prominent Guardian journalist, as a "whore", Janus faced or otherwise. It is personal abuse and there is no place for it in the Labour Party.’  Why not?  It means he is a 2 faced git!

Despite Judge Brown saying earlier in her judgment that ‘This Court is not and cannot be concerned with the disciplinary processes of the Party and this Application will not be allowed by this Court to lead it into making any find ings as to the substantive matter of the complaints against the Applicant and the handling of those complaints.’ She later goes on to contradict herself when she says:

"(the Applicant) is demonstrably intelligent and has engaged in this process in an articulate and detailed way. He is also a highly controversial figure. It is the Court's view from seeing him within the Court process that he is intense and combative being highly emotional about the subjects of Israel and Palestine. He is someone whom the Party rightly or wrongly has suspended, about whom they have received a significant number of complaints and in respect of whom there are ongoing investigations. This background informs the decisions as to reasonableness of disclosure which might with information already known to or ascertainable by the Applicant might identify the third parties. He is within these proceedings prone to a very strong reaction to persons and submissions made. ... The Applicant quickly brands a query as to why a Claim form was not issued as being an allegation of fraud which viewed reasonably it was not. He alleges that only a "fool or a Knave" would interpret one of his comments in the way the Respondent submits which is an emotive comment. Whilst he claims to be viewed out of context he has within document[s] repeatedly used language which is offensive in any context - "racist Zios" "facist scum]"] to give just two small examples. I do not underestimate the complexity of the Applicant's views but his views and the strength with which he expresses them is something the Respondent....’

Now one can argue as to the merits of the above but one thing is clear.  It is what lawyers term ‘obiter dicta’ in other words it is a Judge’s opinion but forms no part of the Judgment.  It is not part of the ratio.  So the attempt to introduce the Judgment, which concerns other unrelated matters, is part of the dishonesty and deceptiveness of McNicol’s Barrister Ogg.

Weasel Words

Ogg states that ‘The NEC does not have to prove actual prejudice to the Labour Party. All that is required is that the conduct is "prejudicial", that is, is liable to cause prejudice to the party in the sense of being capable of having that effect.’  So there is no need to prove any damage to the Labour Party Party was caused merely that it was capable of so doing.  In other words a wholly subjective test that could be applied to virtually anything.  Of course when it comes to Jeremy Newmark having defrauded a charity of thousands of pounds this is a ‘private’ matter not at all prejudicial.  But a friend in Hove, Riad, who was convicted years ago of having broken the Oil for Food sanctions to Iraq for humanitarian reasons, because those sanctions were killing thousands of people (US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright stated that killing half a million children was ‘a price worth paying) was ‘auto excluded’ from the Labour Party.  That was not private.

Ogg rejects my argument that social media posts are "here today and gone tomorrow"I stating that ‘that is not the Labour Party's approach to abuse online.’  Except of course that the Labour Party approach to online abuse only applies to the Left not the Right.  I gave the example of where I was called a ‘poisonous piece of shit’ by ex-Councillor Craig Turton, which Councillor Warren Morgan, leader of Brighton and Hove Council approved of and 4 times McNicol refused even to accept a complaint.  And then Ogg complains that I call him Crooked McNicol!!

Louise Ellman

What is amazing is Ogg’s attempt to defend this execrable MP who justifies and defends Israel’s treatment of child prisoners on grounds of ‘security’.  Ogg states that: ‘There are two aspects of Mr Greenstein's blog [77J which are objectionable and offensive.’

56. First, the use of the phrase "child abuse" is deliberate ly provocative. The phrase evokes sexual abuse, and therefore suggests that Louise Ellman MP, a prominent Jewish Labour MP, supports the same. The phrase "child abuse" appears nowhere else in the article, including the passages from the reports by UNICEF. Mr Greenstein's summary of the conduct Mr Greenstein complains of as "child abuse" is an attempt to shame Ms Ellman by the use of emotive language, which is contrary to the Labour Party's Social Media Policy.

57. Second, the passages from Ms Ellman's speech quoted by Mr Greenstein do not support the allegations he makes against Ms Ellman . Mr Greenstein writes: "The torture and beatings by the Israeli army, which refuses to record its interrogations, which refuses access to lawyers or even parents to accompany their children, is acceptable to Ellman". He also writes: "Every excuse for torture, the beating of children ... was made by Ellman". Neither of those allegations is supported by the passages from Ms Ellman's speech which he quotes in his blog. Ms Ellman supports detention, but makes no comment on "torture" and "beatings".

This is the most shameful part of Ogg’s submission.  It is true.  Ellman doesn’t comment on torture or beatings however others do in the debate.  Instead she merely justifies the kidnapping of children in the middle of the night, their shackling and treatment on ‘security’ grounds. Her omitting to comment on the treatment of Palestinian children whilst defending the Israeli military’s behaviour should be the subject of disciplinary action. 

This wretched woman should have been thrown out of the Labour Party years ago but of course, like war criminal Tony Blair she is an honoured member.  In the debate Sara Chamption stated that ‘in February 2015, UNICEF issued an update to its original report and noted that allegations of “alleged ill-treatment of children during arrest, transfer, interrogation and detention have not significantly decreased in 2013 and 2014”.

Jo Cox highlighted the fact that ‘evidence from Military Court Watch suggests that 65% of children continue to report being arrested at night in what are described as terrifying raids by the military. Will she comment on that worrying fact?’

Sarah Champion went on to state that:

Some 93% of children continue to be restrained with plastic ties, many painfully so, and the standard operating procedures are frequently ignored. Around 80% of children continue to be blindfolded or hooded, a practice that the UK and UNICEF reports said should be absolutely prohibited. Audiovisual recording of interrogations has been mandated only in non-security-related offences, which means that nearly 90% of cases involving children, including those accused of attending a demonstration, continue to take place without this practical safeguard.
Perhaps most disturbing is the fact that the reports of physical abuse—consisting mainly of punching, kicking, position abuse and slapping, but in some cases also including more serious allegations, such as of being mauled by dogs and receiving electric shocks—are now higher in number than they were in 2013.

What was Ellman’s response?

‘Does my hon. Friend really believe that the solution to this horrendous conflict between two peoples—the Israeli and the Palestinian people—can be found by encouraging individual child Palestinians to commit acts of violence against other human beings?’

Not only not one word, not one syllable of condemnation or even criticism of Israel.  She accepts as given the guilt of the Palestinian children.  Not a word about shackling, painful handcuffs, refusal to access lawyers or parents or indeed any of the safeguards that Jewish Israeli children have as of right.  If anything my comments on this despicable woman were too mild.

The treatment of Palestinian children is justified because they were being ‘incited’ to violence against the Israeli military. Presumably if it weren’t for that incitement they would come to love living under a military dictatorship.  The pathetic submission from Ogg is really nothing more than a defence of the indefensible.

Ogg even talks of ‘Mr Greenstein's lurid allegations about the torture and beating of children, which are not supported by what Ms Ellman actually said, is provocative, inaccurate and offensive.’  Well it might be provocative and offensive, to Ellman, but it’s not inaccurate.

What does that well known anti-Semitic newspaper Ha’aretz  have to say?  On 22nd February 2017 under the provocative headline ‘Israel Tortures Palestinian Children, Amnesty Report Says’ it reported that:

‘The report found that among those tortured and detained under administrative orders were also children. Methods of torture included beatings, painful shackling and sleep deprivation. Among 110 Palestinians killed last year by Israeli forces, the report charged, some posed no threat to life and thus were shot unlawfully.’  Lurid?

Ogg takes particular exception to my inference that ‘child abuse’ implies sexual abuse.  What does the  Public Committee Against Torture in Israel have to say on this subject?  According to The Independent of 1.1.14.

‘The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) published a report which claimed children suspected of minor crimes were subjected to “public caging”, threats and acts of sexual violence and military trials without representation.

One wonders whether Ogg considers ‘acts of sexual violence’ as constituting sexual abuse or not or whether his definition is elastic enough to escape that ‘offensive’ description? According to a report on YNet, the online version of Israel’s largest circulation paper Yediot Aharanot:

A CNN investigative report aired Thursday slammed the treatment of Palestinian children by IDF soldiers.

The report included uncorroborated charges of sexual abuse against Palestinian youngsters while in IDF custody.

The CNN report featured an unidentified Palestinian boy claiming that IDF forces attempted to insert an object into his rectum after he was arrested. The unidentified youngster said a dozen officers were standing around and laughing while he was being interrogated, stopping only when their commander stepped into the room.’

One wonders whether the Labour Party’s tame barrister finds that abusive enough to merit the caption ‘sexual abuse’?  Mehdi Hassan in the New Statesman asked: ‘Did the Israeli army sexually abuse Palestinian children?

So idiotic does Ogg’s submission become that in paragraph 58 he refers to Ellman as ‘Ms Greenstein’!!

Ogg also takes exception to my comment re Ella Rose that her appointment as Director of the JLM deprived some village of their idiot!  One thing these bureaucrats lack is a sense of humour.  Ella Rose has previously distinguished herself as a little thuglet.

Crooked McNicol & Others
There is a whole section devoted to my favourite Labour Party General Secretary!!

We are told that ‘In this blog post, Mr Greenstein uses the word "crook" or "crooked" to describe
Mr lain McNicol no less than 17 times .’ and that ‘A crook is a dishonest or criminal person.’  Err yes.  I would say that McNicol is dishonest.  As to whether he is criminal I think the jury is still out.

Apparently by saying that John Mann is a ‘devious little opportunist’ I am mocking his height.  Actually I’m not.  Perhaps I should have said a big opportunist but my meaning was more subtle.

It is also an offence to describe Chuku Ummuna as ‘White politically’ and in para. 77 ‘The NCC will note that in that blog Mr Greenstein goes on at [161J to use racially charged language in respect of "White minorities like Jews".’  What utter rubbish.  What utter tosh. 

The final charge is that:

‘On 3rd May 2016, Mr Greenstein sent an email to the General Secretary of the Party, lain McNicol, in which he proposed a "rule change" which would require that "all membership applications and nominations for party office or for Labour candidacies should first be submitted for approval to the Israeli embassy." In that email he uses language reflecting the Nazi plan under Adolf Hitler to exterminate Jewish people: "If passed, it would provide a final, I mean complete, solution".

Unfortunately satire and parody completely escape the hacks and paid legal mouthpieces of the Labour Party.  As I’ve already dealt with this nonsense already I won’t repeat my defence!

All in all a pretty sad and pathetic tome.  Please read it, if only for pure amusement!!

Tony Greenstein

Justice Demands that Jeremy Newmark of the JLM is Suspended from the Labour Party Forthwith Pending an Investigation - Sign the Petition

Sign the Petition to Labour’s National Executive Committee and Iain McNicol

Over 200 members of the Labour Party have signed a letter to  the NEC and Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour Party, demanding that Jeremy Newmark, former Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement, is suspended. 

Serious allegations of fraud and theft have been made against Newmark, the former Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement. Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived it out of thousands of pounds
Iain McNicol - the crooked General Secretary of the Labour Party who has been responsible for the suspension of thousands of socialists but who considers fraud a 'private' matter
It appears that the real reasons for Newmark’s departure in 2013 as Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council were not ill-health but fraud.  Newmark was forced to resign after being confronted with the results of an internal audit into the JLC’s finances which alleged that he had defrauded them to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds. The Jewish Chronicle alleges that the JLC trustees covered up the real reasons for Newmark’s departure.  An internal audit alleged thatit appears to be standard practice in the JLC to falsify information relating to finance”. The Jewish Leadership Council has more questions to answer
These allegations, if true, cannot help but damage the reputation of the Labour Party.  We cannot accept the reasons given by McNicol for refusing to suspend Newmark, namely that this is a ‘private’ matter and that Newmark ‘strongly denies’ the allegations.  If the allegations of fraud against a charity are true then they are anything but private. BREAKING NEWS - Iain McNicol Refuses to Suspend Jeremy Newmark over Serious Corruption Allegations - It's a 'Private Matter'
The Tel Aviv Hilton where it is alleged that Jeremy Newmark put his family on the JLC account
Of course Mr Newmark denies the allegations.  We wouldn’t expect anything else.  That is why he should be suspended, like thousands of other Labour Party members, pending an investigation.
No one has played a more important role in the witch-hunt of socialists in the Labour Party than Newmark.  Newmark and his Zionist friends reacted to the left victory in the recent NEC elections and the replacement of Anne Black as Chair of the Disputes Committee by demanding that the expulsion of socialists be stepped up.  Jewish Labour group accuses party of failing to act on antisemitism complaints
Demonstration outside Labour Party conference calling on McNicol to resign
Last year there was an inkling of what had previously occurred when the Jewish Chronicle broke a story on how Newmark had avoided paying an Israeli taxi driver some £3,000.
Last Friday Newmark reluctantly resigned as Chair of the JLM.  Now he must also be suspended from the Labour Party as have thousands of other, innocent members.  There cannot be one rule for most people and another for friends of McNicol. We know that McNicol has always been reluctant to suspend opponents of Jeremy Corbyn and conversely eager to suspend or auto-exclude those who are his supporters.
In happier times - McNicol at Downing Street with David Cameron

We demand an end to these double standards.

Letter Sent to National Executive Committee of the Labour Party and Iain McNicol

Monday 12 February 2018

General Secretary
The Labour Party
105 Victoria St,
London SW1E 6QT

Dear Mr McNicol,
You are undoubtedly aware by now of the serious allegations of fraud and theft which have been made against Jeremy Newmark in the Jewish Chronicle. [Revealed: JLC audit reports Jeremy Newmark deceived it out of thousands of pounds] [1] Mr Newmark, who until recently was Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement was Labour’s PPC at the last General Election for Finchley and Golders Green constituency and is currently Leader of the Labour Group on Hertsmere Council.
These allegations have been backed up by a comprehensive internal audit[2] by the organisation for which Mr Newmark was Chief Executive Officer, the Jewish Leadership Council.
We are extremely surprised that you haven’t moved quickly to protect the reputation of the Labour Party by suspending Mr Newmark under Rule 2.1.8 pending an investigation. 
Unlike the thousands of people who have been suspended in the past two years, often for nothing more than an innocent tweet or remark taken out of context, Mr Newmark is alleged to have stolen or misappropriated thousands of pounds of charitable monies.  The cover up of this alleged theft is now the subject of a Charity Commission investigation.[3] [Jewish Leadership Council will co-operate with Charity Commission over Newmark allegations]
Mr Newmark, in his role as Chair of the JLM, has been the driving force in the suspension or expulsion of people on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’.  Barely three weeks ago Jeremy Newmark was publicly criticising the Labour Party for failing to expel Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, Tony Greenstein, Ken Livingstone and other members on the grounds of ‘anti-Semitism’. Jewish Labour group accuses party of failing to act on antisemitism complaints
Given the high public profile of Mr Newmark and his propensity for demanding disciplinary action against other members of the Labour Party we feel that it is only fair that Mr Newmark should be treated in the same way as his many victims.  We are therefore making a formal complaint against Mr Newmark for having brought the party into disrepute and we expect that you will suspend him immediately from membership in order that we can avoid further damaging headlines.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely, 
Tobias Abse                               Chelsea and Fulham CLP           
Kate Adams                                Canterbury CLP            
Julie Adshead                             Rossendale & Darwen CLP        
Grant Aitken                               Clackmannanshire        
Dr Ben Alofs                              Gwynedd CLP              
Marie Ange-King                        Holborn & St Pancras   
Ruth Appleton                            Holborn St Pancras CLP
Cathy Augustine                         Wantage CLP                
Claude Baesens                          Warwick and Leamington CLP  
Rebekah Ball                              Holborn and St Pancras CLP      
Steve Ballard                              Hornsey and Woodgreen           
Dave Bangs                                Kemptown CLP            
Graham Bash                              South Thanet CLP
Mary Beaman                             Wimbledon CLP           
Jonathan Bellos                          Brighton Kemptown CLP
Karen Bett                                  Eastwood CLP
Joseph Black                              Hampstead & Kilburn CLP        
Sian Bloor                                  Stretford and Urmston CLP        
Kay Boardman                           Calder Valley CLP        
Patrick Bonner                            Brent North CLP           
David Boyden                            Halton CLP                   
Jane Bramley                              Nottingham East CLP   
Lynda Brennan                           Enfield Southgate CLP
Professor Haim Bresheeth          Hornsey and Wood Green CLP  
Tarin Brokenshire                       Cambridge CLP            
Pam Bromley                              Rossendale and Darwen CLP     
Barbara Brookes                         Ealing South CLP         
Mick Brookes                             Ealing South CLP         
Alan Broughton                          Hampstead CLP
Sarida Brown                              Leamington and Warwick CLP  
Michelle Burke                           Hendon CLP                 
Mr Neil Cameron                        Sheffield Central
Lisbeth Campos                          Richmond Park CLP     
Avis Carter                                 Brighton Pavilion CLP  
Cyril Chilson                              Oxford West & Abingdon CLP
Dr Tali M. Chilson                      Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
Brian Chinnery                           Enfield Southgate CLP 
Ruth Clarke                                Islington North             
Terry Clarke                               Liverpool Riverside CLP
Roger Coates                              International Branch
Sally Colaran                              Hampstead CLP            
Ruth Conlock                             Manchester Withington CLP
M J Conway                               IIslington North            
Steve Cooke                               Stockton North CLP     
Katherine Coutanche                  Aberconwy CLP           
Ted Crawford                             Ealing Southall CLP      
Luke Cresswell                           South Suffolk CLP       
Kevin B Curran                          Lewisham West and Penge CLP
Clive Darling                              Warwick & Leamington CLP     
Deborah Darnes                         Congleton CLP             
Yvonne Davies                           Chester CLP                   
Susan Dellet                               Southwark & Old Bermondsey CLP
Helen Dickson-Liverpool           Wavertree CLP
Tony Dines                                 Worthing West CLP      
Marylin Dixon                            Warwick and Leamington CLP  
Colm Doherty                             Finchley & Golders Green CLP 
Cameron Dougherty                   North Thanet CLP        
Clare Dove                                 South Thanet Labour Party
Ian Drummond                           Edinburgh East
Ian Dudley.                                Croydon North CLP     
Dereen Duley                             Exeter CLP                   
Dr Andrew P Duncan                
Bridget Dunne                            Hampstead & Kilburn CLP        
Jonathan Edwards                      Oxford East CLP          
Harriet Evans                              Holborn & St Pancras   
Ian Ferrie                                    Hampstead and Kilburn CLP     
Arye Finkle                                Chipping Barnet CLP    
Pete Firmin                                 Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Michael Fisher                            Barnet CLP                   
Jean Fitzpatrick                          EALING SOUTHALL CLP        
Jenny Flintoft                             Meon Valley CLP
Gerry Flintoft                             Meon Valley CLP
Philip Foxe                                 Enfield Southgate CLP
Jane Foxworthy                          Leicester East CLP       
Ed Fredenburgh                          Islington South & Finsbury CLP
Cllr. Beryl Francis                      Havant CLP                  
Glynis Freeman                          Portslade CLP               
Kenny Fryde                              Cambridge CLP
Terry Gallogly                            York Central CLP         
Rob Gardiner                              Huntingdon CLP           
John Garrett                                Coventry South CLP     
Daphne Gilbert                           Hexham CLP                
David Graham                            Brentford and Isleworth CLP     
Val Graham                                  Chesterfield CLP        
Susan Grant                                Exeter CLP                   
Kay Green                                  Hastings and Rye CLP
Marc Green                                Mole Valley CLP          
Elleanne Green                           Cities of London and Westminster CLP
Tony Greenstein                         Brighton Kemptown CLP           
Shaun Hague                              Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP        
G. Halfpenny                             Canterbury CLP            
James Hall                                  South Cambridgeshire CLP
Cathie Hammond                       Hampstead and Kilburn
Frances Hanlon
Jenny Hardacre                          South Cambridgeshire CLP
Mr S Harris                                 Torfaen CLP
Emmet Haverty-Stacke                Tottenham CLP
Nev Hawkins                              Ealing Central & Acton CLP      
Fran Heron                                 Holborn & St Pancras CLP         
Simon Hinds                               Islington North             
Kate  Hodgson                            Islington South & Finsbury        
Doug Holton                               Hackney North CLP
Alan Horton                               Falmouth/Camborne CLP           
Patrick Hunter                            Hendon CLP
Diana Isserlis                              Thornbury and Yate CLP           
Steve Jansky -                            Nottingham East CLP   
Dr Emrys Jenkins                       Swansea West CLP       
Riva Joffe                                  Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Bill Kaye                                    Warwick and Leamington CLP
Kaveh Kazemi                            Kingston & Surbiton CLP          
Stan Keable                                Hammersmith CLP
Sean Kelleher                             Hendon  CLP                
Martin Kemp                              Lewisham West and Penge CLP 
Chris Khamis                              Perry Barr CLP             
Eleanor Kilroy                            Winchester CLP
Steve Kinneavy                          Sheffield Hallam CLP  
Chris Knight                               Dulwich & West Norwood CLP 
Agnes Kory                                Hampstead and Kilburn CLP     
Sushma lal                                  Ceredigion CLP
Barbara Kay Lawrence               Torfaen CLP                 
Rebekah Lawrence                     Hove & Portslade CLP 
Mark Layden                              Lincoln CLP
Geoff Lee                                   Holborn & St. Pancis CLP
Margot Lindsay                          Southwark CLP            
Marie Lynam                              Hampstead and Kilburn CLP
Ian MacDonald                           Edinburgh Southern CLP
Professor Moshé Machover        Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
Bill MacKeith                             Oxford West and Abingdon CLP,
Dr Alan Maddison                      Houghton and Sunderland South CLP
Glenn Martin                              Walsall South CLP        
Rebecca Massey                         Hove and Portslade      
Barbara May Moore                   Blackley and Broughton CLP     
Jonathan Maytham                     Kingswood CLP           
Kathy McCubbing                      Reading East CLP         
Rebecca McDonald                    Hampstead and Kilburn
Michael McEvoy                        Twickenham CLP         
Paul Meaney                               Gedling CLP
Timothy Meredith                       Hartlepool CLP
Bernard Miller                            Holborn and St Pancras CLP
Jay Millington                             Bury CLP                     
Elizabeth Morley                        Ceredigion CLP
Shosh Morris                              Islington South & Finsbury CLP           
Patricia Morrison                        York Central CLP         
Gareth Murphy                           Holborn & St Pancras CLP         
Matt Nathan                                Islington S & Finsbury CLP       
Mica Nava                                  Islington North
Paul Neill                                    Calder Valley CLP        
Catherine Newall                        Manchester Central CLP
Graham Noble                            Havant CLP                  
Safiya O'Donnell                        Nottingham East CLP   
Caroline O’Reilly                       Brighton Kemptown CLP
Tim Oxton                                  Colchester CLP             
Pam Page                                    Brighton Pavilion CLP
Averil Parkinson                         Cambridge CLP            
Allan Pearson                             South Ribble CLP         
Richard Peirce                            Portsmouth South CLP 
Anne Pickard                              Bristol North West CLP
Ian Pope                                     Rochford and Southend East CLP
Phil Pope                                    Bristol West CLP
Anna Pollert                               Warwick and Leamington CLP
Nicola Pratt                                 Coventry South CLP     
Bernard Price                              International Branch     
Dipak Rajgor                              HARBOROUGH CLP  
Anandi Ramamurthy                  Gorton CLP                  
Reuben Ramsay                         Hastings and Rye CLP  
Roland Rance                             Walthamstow CLP        
Gwynne Reddick                        Wantage                       
Daniel Rehahn                            Hove and Portslade CLP
Jim Ring                                     Westmorland & Lonsdale CLP   
Pete Robbins                              Camden CLP                
Steven Rose                                Islington South
Jonathan Rosenhead                   Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP
Kal Ross                                     Liverpool Riverside CLP            
Jo Rostron                                  Holborn and St PancrasCLP
Luca Salice                                 Holborn and St PancrasCLP
Luay Salman                              High Peak CLP               
Jenny Sanderson                        Derbyshire Dales CLP  
John Sanderson                          Derbyshire Dales CLP  
Linda Sayle                                Holborn & St Pancras CLP         
Paul Scott                                   Hampstead & Kilburn CLP
David Selzer                               City Of Chester CLP     
George Shaw                              Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Patrick Sheehan                          Withington CLP
Patricia Sheerin                           Putney CLP                  
John Spencer-Davis                    NE Hants CLP
Laura Stuart                                Hendon CLP                 
Joe Sucksmith                            Cheltenham CLP          
Walter Tavener                           Havant CLP                  
Wendy Taylor                            Ilford South CLP          
Ruth Tenne                                 Hampstead and Kilburn
Jack Thomas,                             Sefton Central CLP       
Andy Thompson                        Ladywood CLP            
Julian Townsend                        Camberwell and Peckham CLP  
David Travis                               Angus North                 
Ben Treuhaft                              Edinburgh North and Leith CLP 
Dr J. Urpeth                                Eltham CLP                  
Mark Utting                                Doncaster Central CLP
Paul Valentine                            Hayling Island CLP      
Marc Wadsworth                        Croydon North CLP     
Tirza Waisel                               Finchley & Golders Green CLP
Jacqueline Walker                      South Thanet CLP        
Karen Walker                             Newquay and St Austell CLP     
Robert Walker                            Bexhill and Battle CLP 
Hugh Wallis                                Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
Dave Walters                              Riverside CLP              
Philip Ward -                              Sheffield central CLP   
David Watson                             Walthamstow CLP 
Jane White                                  Lincoln CLP                 
Carol Wilcox                              Christchurch CLP         
Roy Wilkes                                 Bury South CLP           
Avril Wooster                             West Devon CLP
Norman Wright                           Hove and Portslade CLP
Dr Benedict Young                     Newcastle-upon-Tyne CLP        
Charles Young                            Ceredigion CLP            
Sue Young                                  Ceredigion CLP            
Zoe Zero                                     Beckenham CLP